Penile Rehabilitation Therapy following Prostate Cancer Surgery

I had prostate cancer surgery on November 24, 2015. I wore a catheter for 4 weeks. It was removed December 21, 2015. I went to my urologist for a follow-up appointment on January 21, 2015. I asked a lot of questions about impotence, erections, nerve bundles, ejaculations, etc. He told me he was able to spare the nerve bundles which are responsible for erections. I was thankful for that. There was no cancer on the nerve bundles. He gave me 60 days of Cialis, 5 mg, for daily use. He said to take it at the same time every day. He said it is part of Penile Rehabilitation Therapy. By the 5th day I was able to achieve an erection easily. The therapy increased blood flow to my penis. The 60 days went well with good results. I finished the therapy on March 21, 2016. I still have good blood flow to my penis and I can achieve an erection easily. I just wanted to share my good news. I hope everyone has some success in overcoming impotence. I'm only 62 and I'm thankful for the help my urologist gave me. Please share your story.

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  • That's good news. So you don't need to continue with the Cialis? My mate had prostate therapy and they didn't offer him this. So he is still struggling with ed. 

  • No. 60 days was enough. The blood flow to my penis was restored and it is still doing well. Thanks. I hope he finds help with his ED. Keep trying.

  • Nice to hear a good news story Bobjenson. Encouraging that there are people out there that will do all they can and are genuinely interested in your problems. Stay active and stay well.


  • Dadog Thanks. My urologist is the best.

  • Congrats, sir. Thanks for sharing the story -- it's important for people to read and see the positive side of a tough situation. Glad everything's going well!

  • mhnmale Thanks.

  • Great to hear these good results. It isn't always so easy (some of us might be a bit jealous) but it's good to hear of the successes, too! It's also good to hear that this was not neglected as part of your treatment plan (it sometimes is.....).

  • jimreilly Thanks.

  • I have an appointment with my urologist today. We will review the results of my first PSA test after surgery. We will also discuss my success with Cialis and my little bit of incontinence.

  • I am cancer free. I will start physical therapy for incontinence.

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