Which Erectile Dysfunction treatment(s) have you found success with? Discuss in the comment section.

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  • I found that Cialis and Testogel worked for me. The only reason I use Testogel is due to having been diagnosed with Low Testosterone.

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  • After three years, I still have received no help. Angina treatment prevents me from having some medications. I have never had a test to see if I have low testosterone.

  • A Memorial Sloane Kettering men's sexual health program entails taking 1/4 of a viagra (25 mg) or 5 mg cialis every day, upping it to 100 mg viagra or 20 mg cialis when having or attempting sex. Personally find that taking slightly higher doses works better.

  • I have found that taking cialis 5mg daily helps , rather than 50mg which caused severe headaches , i have a under active thyroid and low testosterone, this was prescribed by a endocrinologist

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  • I used Cialis 5 mg for daily use for 60 days. Everything is normal now without medication.

  • Tadalafil