• pmrgcauk


    does any one know if stress / shock affects PMR in any way ? Hi Steph, Yes, I would say that stress and or shock will almost certainly have a worstening effect on PMR. I find that... continue reading →

  • anxietysupport

    stressed n

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  • raynauds-uk


    find that stress/anger/upset can trigger your Raynauds? I'm having a hard time at school, starting A levels amongst many other problems, so any tips on how to handle stress and such... continue reading →

  • fibroaction


    few good days think my anti d are now kicking in still in pain but im happy lol! but the stress keeps coming and coming! hubby had to get up at 5 on thurs morning to go to work but 2... continue reading →

  • blf


    I was asses by my COPD nurse today about my condition and my plan holiday this coming october she told me you cannot travel because my oxygen is very low at moment just because of ... continue reading →

  • anxietysupport


    Hi Wanted to share a few things with people who really understand . I was off work with depression . I had a phased return and felt I had overcome the dark fog ( and then I ... continue reading →

  • cllsupport


    Almost all CLL patients say stress makes their symptoms worse. It doesn't seem to just be stress which causes distress. It seems any type of stress and it seems to go hand in hand with... continue reading →

  • anxietysupport

    Stressed n

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  • thyroiduk


    activity that can wear us out is it? who can identify with feeling much worse after stressful situations? I don't find it tiring just sitting chatting one to one (after all I do talk... continue reading →

  • nct


    Not in need of any answers today, as doubt I'll be on for a few days at least. Hoping anyone due has everything go well and everyone else is feeling good. having to rush off to ... continue reading →

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