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  • shushkin


    I've recently been assessed at the Pain Management Clinic and wondered if anyone has any positive results from using this facility? Physio said she would work with me to stop my brain/body keep thinking it was high alert. It was time to reassure continue reading

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  • Amanda


    I managed to get to my 9am physio appointment this morning! The Physio tried me with some normal crutches but I have a very poor grip so didn't get on with them. I suggested a pair of crutches that people with Arthritis use where you put all the continue reading

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  • jazher


    I have my first physio appointment in the morning and i dont know what to expect. Has anybody had physio and what did they do? What questions should i be asking and has anybody had a letter from their physio to help with dla? I just dont know if continue reading

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  • teadrinker


    And thus begins another attempt to rid self of this damn pain.... Or as I optimistically explained to the new physio, I just want to be able to self-manage it better and do as much for myself as I can. So fingers crossed. Have been well and continue reading

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  • fibrolou


    Yesterday morning i received a phonecall out of the blue. My hospital rang to say i had been referred by my rhumotologist for physio, they had a cancellation for that afternoon would i like the app. Talk about throwing me into a flat spin !! I continue reading

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  • becky26


    Hi everyone hope everyone is not to bad today sending hugs. Well I'm off to see the podiatrist this morning which is a good thing because last night my toe swelled for no reason, no pain so was weird! Then got my first session of physiotherapy continue reading

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  • angied


    not mine was supposed to get an appointment but havent had time but took my son to his appointment today hes 14 hes been having back problems for a year now. they said he had an old mans body cracking and creaking, she said his muscles are so continue reading

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  • Scuba-phil


    Hi guys, iv got an appt with physio on Monday. I'm just not sure what to expect or wht I need to be telling them? Will they work with every joint affected or just the biggest problem joints continue reading

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  • Hidden


    Has anyone had any physio? Has it helped the pain at all See post

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  • Fidget02


    Well today is my first physio appointment I was going to cancel as I am having a pain day today and cannot move me arm much at all. My daughter has persuaded me to go as they may be able to suggest things to help. Is it too much to ask to be continue reading

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  • dragonfly45

    PHYSIO !!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi, My doc recently referred me for physio for my back and wrist cos i walk with a stick now. She said that having physio treatment would make me feel better. Ive only had 1 session and I can tell you now............ I don't feel better, continue reading

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  • newlands


    Always had bad asthma but when my husband was alive i would sprawl over the bed and hang over the edge he would pat hard between my shoulder blades and i would cough phlegm up . My husband died in 2001 by 2002 i was diagnosed with copd strange . continue reading

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  • Jane64

    physio first

    Today I had my first visit to the physio gym. I was only in there for about twenty minutes but it was fun. I was a bit worried about it, especially as I don't have any gym wear or proper trainers, but I wore lose jeans and t-shirt and canvas deck continue reading

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  • Dy1an

    Neuro Physio

    Four weeks ago I started on what I thought would be a waste of time after numerous physio sessions,my current regime is more of pilates less of impact exercise which was always a problem with balance issues,everthing is focused around core continue reading

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  • runningwild

    Trip to Physio...

    ...and good news. He said there was restrictive movement in my hip which is turn has affected my front quad, explains why I've had a twinge above my knee and occasional sore hip for three months! He said there's been a definite improvement since continue reading

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  • manwithnoname

    Physio tomorrow

    Well I have a physio tomorrow to try and do something about the pain in my back as i now have arthritis of it now as well as RA. You know it probably wont work cos it didn't for the RA but ha ho continue reading

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  • Sarahs23

    Physio referral

    Has anyone with fibro been referred for physio ? I have and am stressing myself out thinking bout my excercises they might want me to do continue reading

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  • Hidden

    Hydroxy and physio POPULAR

    Starting Hydroxycloraquine tonight, been for physio, but all she did was hand wax bath. The swelling is still ongoing in my fingers and hands, together with the pain, hoping the hydroxy will help. This will be my 3rd DMARD since March. Not See post

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  • Jenwrenarm

    Fun at the Physio

    Met the lovely Hannah the sports physio today. She was awesome! Loads of questions, lots of watching me walking/standing/sitting. Turns out I have a weak right hand glute which is why my IT band has been overworking giving me the hip pain. She continue reading

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  • Hidden

    Physio visit

    Having been on the injury couch for rather too long, decided to made a visit to the physio. I have apparently done something to my pelvic region and if visit number two yesterday See post

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