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  • Tygertyger1970


    Hi I'm about to start demard treatment any advise would be gratefully appreciated continue reading

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    Biological DMARDs

    I've worked my way through the regular DMARDs with virtually no success. I am now on MTX, Leflumomide and Humira which was working for a while but appears to have run its course. As I've now failed my second anti TNF, my rheum nurse has See post

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    Well I had a review and was told that I was a bad risk for DMARDS and Biologics. and they would not be treating me, although they would see how I will get on through my GP. Now I have too go to see a Life Coach and also go for Pysio, In other See post

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  • hamble99b

    what is DMARD?

    Disease Modifying Anti Rheumatic Drug continue reading

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    Monitoring while off DMARDs POPULAR

    Hi - as many of you know I'm currently off DMARDs and awaiting an appointment to see a neurologist - may well be many months before I get an appointment I'm told. I came off MTX with my rheumy's blessing because of intollerance. The idea was that See post

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  • Prairie

    A query on the dmards and the newer drugs......

    Interested to know if anyone has advice on the differences between the dmards and the newer drugs??? Just I'm on methortexate injection at the moment and if this doesn't work for me this consultant mentioned tocilizumab...anyone heard of continue reading

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    Pred -v- DMARDs

    Hi,, I'm after information and advice. Diagnosed GCA/Palindromic Rhuematism privately on 15 July. Rhuemy gave me a treatment plan which he would be able to commence once he received NHS referral. This is the proposed treatment plan: See post

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    Trial of DMARDS on the cards... POPULAR

    Hello everyone. The detective work on my diagnosis continues...! I saw a (locum) rheumatologist about a month ago, who said he thought I had OA plus Fibromyalgia rather than inflammatory arthritis, but nevertheless agreed various tests: a See post

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  • valawil

    what are DMARDS and DAS score?

    Dmards are Disease Modifying Arthritis Disease drugs or something similAr name!! r. They actually prevent the progress of RA and thus stop joint damage and help with your symptomss. The DAS score is a number to see how active your disease is continue reading

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    Has anyone changed DMARDs? POPULAR

    I currently take Azathioprine as well as Prednisolone for PMR/GCA. Last year I managed to reduce to 3mgs till symptoms flared and I was increased to 5mgs. Over Xmas I stopped the See post

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    Back on track with DMARDs hopefully.. POPULAR

    The rheumy apt went by in a haze of feverish coughing for me. Over and done with before I could blink. He agreed that most of my current ill health is probably due to multi-system autoimmunity - although I always feel I've led the doctors to this See post

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  • crashdoll

    Biological DMARD question

    I've been on biologics for nearly 2 years; cimzia and humira, both fortnightly. I've noticed that as I get to about 10 days post injection, I start to feel a desperate need for a boost. I'm not sure if it's psychological or the medication really continue reading

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  • Josie2

    Dmards, alcohol and depression!

    I really dont know where to start so bare with me while i waffle (which i'm good at)! I am the first to admit i like a drink, glass or 2 of wine on an evening with my hubby. I always thought i was ok with this until my RA set in!!! I'm continue reading

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  • Jacki08

    Having to come off DMARDS

    HI-- I started mthx and hydroxychloquin in Oct last year and after about 3 or 4 months and an increase in mthx ( now on 25 mg injections ) , I felt I had been given my life back, able to do things that I hadn't done for years. For me, it is continue reading

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    Non DMARDs-related nausea!

    Hello everyone Sorry for not posting much, my job's busy and I'm a workaholic lol. It's all going well - still in drug-induced remission and no pain or swelling. I am now on 2.5mg daily Prednisolone and monthly Simponi injections. As some of See post

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  • reikimaster

    Foot changes and taking DMARDs?

    I noticed the other day on both feet below the little toe what appears to look like bunions - I wear flat shoes or boots and non of my shoes are tight on me (them days are long gone) I cant wear heels either. Under my feet hurt too. Feels like I continue reading

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    Costs of privately prescribed DMARDs? POPULAR

    Good new/Bad news I have been diagnosed with acute inflammatory arthritis and now have a treatment plan from the Consultant who, in desperation, I was seeing privately. She has prescribed Prednisolone (on 3rd day - swelling already going down) See post

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  • DrWhoFan

    DMARDS and joint replacement

    Is it right that if one is having joint replacement surgery, you have to come off drugs for 1 month before and 2 months after the operation? If so, what happens to your RA? Do you then suffer flares etc? Anne continue reading

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  • peridotlouise

    Which combination of dmards would be better?

    Sulfasalazine and MTX or Sulfasalazine and Hydroxychloroquine? I am on sulfa atm and my rheumy suggested adding another med. I'm scared about taking MTX but obv want to take what would be better so which works more continue reading

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  • fruitycake23

    Anti-TNF plus 2 DMARDs??

    All going well, I'll be starting cimzia in the next few weeks - funding has been applied for etc. I assumed I'd be taken off one or both my DMARDs but apparently, I will be remaining on leflunomide and MTX for my first 3 months on cimzia. Is this continue reading

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