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  • FIONA151262


    HI not been on here for a long time but just to say I have been on a dairy free diet for the past few weeks and have improved so much was diagnosed with ME 6 weeks ago and my son emailed me a book on fibro / me and it said a dairy free diet so I continue reading

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  • woodgut8


    My gastroenterologist said my lactose intolerance meant the same as dairy intolerance. Was he right? Get conflicting info on this continue reading

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  • Hidden

    Dairy Produce

    Does any one else suffer with their breathing after drinking milk and using other dairy products i.e. cheese, butter etc See post

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  • Berina21

    Protein & dairy

    Hi folks Looking for some help please! Iv just started on my treatment (well I'm taking the pill) I'm on short protocol and due to start injections in 2 weeks. I'm trying to get as prepared as possible so that I know iv done everything possible continue reading

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  • yaf_user681_57758

    Dairy and asthma?

    Hi, I suffered from asthma as a child and then in my teens it seemed to disappear. Then four weeks ago I started with a cough which got worse and worse, then I started to wheeze, so I went to my go surgery and the nurse put me back on inhalers, my continue reading

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  • reks

    Dairy Products!

    Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone knows why dairy products aint good for people with endrometriosis? xx continue reading

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  • mustgetthin

    Dairy free

    Hi, Just looking for some advise. I find I'm missing out on so much food pastry, batter etc. Can anyone recommend a good cookbook or website for recipes? S X continue reading

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  • Hidden

    Dairy & DH

    I have been strick gluten free for 11 months but my DH rashes would still flare up. I was getting so hopeless until I started randomly cutting different things out. I was drinking many cups of coffee with lots of milk, so I decided to cut milk out See post

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  • madmetoyou

    Fibromyalgia dairy

    Can anyone help me please as I have been asked to keep a dairy about how my fibromyalgia effects me on a daily basis? madmetoyou, Was this your GP, ive never heard off this, continue reading

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  • yaf_user681_30060

    Dairy dilemma

    Hi I'm new to the website, have had asthma myself since childhood, but have improved dramatically since then and now have mild asthma. My little boy was diagnosed as having asthma on Friday. He's had prolonged coughing after colds etc previously continue reading

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  • Hidden

    Caffeine and dairy?

    Did someone comment on the combination of caffeine and dairy (milk) being a bad combination for the liver See post

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  • eugine


    Nature has provided all mammals with breast milk in order to feed the offspring of its species. Is it not therefore common sense that Cow’s milk is meant for the offspring of Cows and not for humans? If a grown up Cow was offered milk it would continue reading

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  • CrispyDuck

    Dairy Products

    Does any one else get more chesty when they have things like cheese. Could be an allergy but it only makes chest rattle a bit before it clears up which is bad because I like cream in coffee. Should i give it up do not want to continue reading

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  • yaf_user681_17567

    Dairy free

    I have had asthma for over 50 years. 2 years ago on a whim I had allergy tests carried out by an alternative therapist. i was told that I was 'intolerant' of anything containing dairy products, banana's and fish! I already knew that I was continue reading

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  • yaf_user681_6021

    dairy intolerance.

    I've had a few people [medical professionals] say they think I have a dairy intolerance - get tight, wheezy & cough a lot after taking in any straight dairy. I may just be stupid here, IF I do have a dairy intolerance, I wouldn't be able to continue reading

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  • madmetoyou

    Fibromyalgia dairy

    Can anyone help me please as I have been asked to keep a dairy about how my fibromyalgia effects me on a daily basis? continue reading

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    I love dairy, but dairy doesn't love me...

    Okay, so I thought I was ready to start the Paleo AIP (see my last post,, or for info). But what was I thinking doing that right before Easter?!?! So, instead of "cheating" with a bit of chocolate, I ate See post

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  • julieru


    For those of us who have a wheat free diet because of IBS or other problems here are a couple of recipies Fruit Crumble 4oz Wheat free plain flour 2oz caster sugar 2oz Dairy free margarine continue reading

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    Lactose Free Dairy

    I've been eating lactose-free yogurt and cottage cheese during the Fodmap Elimination Phase. I'm wondering if there's any benefit to having lactose in your diet? If not, I'd just as soon stick with the lactose free because it tastes great See post

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  • yaf_user681_22519

    Dairy milk madness....

    Hi all Is anyone else finding the new advert for dairy milk just plain wierd!? I find those kids rather scary-eyebrows should just not be able to move that independently of each other! The only other person i know can do that with his eyebrows continue reading

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