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    Hi there, I have been on long term sick from January. There is a chance that I might have to resort to applying for ill health pension if my condition does not improve. Any ideas how I can convince the medics at the pensions place that my See post

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  • shirley29485

    AutoImmune POPULAR

    I have a quick question, when the immune system is suppressed does this make it easier for you to get sick from others? Do we need to do anything special? I know with Bronchiectasis I really dont need to do anything just make sure Im not to much continue reading

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  • poemsgalore


    Elbows bent, can't straighten them, hands are throbbing, feel the pain. Knees are stiff and ankles ache, hips won't move, trapped nerves again! RA is gnawing through my joints the meds they gave me just don't touch. It feels like someone's continue reading

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    Autoimmune Encephalitis

    I saw my gp on monday and he told me my recent collapse and 36 hour sleep was caused by Encephalitis probably dut to my immune system not working. i am too ill to have the B12 and depo injections. not allowed too drive or have my hair recoloured. See post

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  • Suzy61Taylor

    Autoimmune diagnosis

    Good evening everyone. My GP diagnosed me with Primary Hypothyroidism in December 2013. I still have a relatively high TSH despite medication consisting of T3 and T4, which she now wants to raise. One of my blood tests confirmed I have an continue reading

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  • shirley29485

    Autoimmune PBC

    Hello everyone finally got a diagnosis of Autoimmune PBC. I am stage 3. have appoint with my specialist and will be putting me on URSO think that's the short spelling. I have Bronchiectasis and MAC on top of it..So my body is very busy with continue reading

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  • chocoholic17

    Autoimmune specialists?

    As I posted the other day, I'm newly diagnosed with Hashimoto's but also have Type 1 Diabetes, Vitiligo and Alopecia Areata. I seem to have unexplained bruising appearing now, on my lower legs and elbows and I have pins and needles in my feet continue reading

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  • PMRhaskickedmybut

    Autoimmune Summit

    Login in to this Summit beginning Nov. 10-17. It is a wealth of information for us suffering from autoimmune disorders! continue reading

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    Autoimmune hypothyroidism

    Hi, I'm recently diagnosed as having autoimmune hypothyroidism. Blood tests came as part of fertility tests and I have been on levothyroxine since august. I am being given See post

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  • Arunatpatel

    Autoimmune encepalitis

    My brother has been in hospital for over 4 months now and we as a family find it very difficult to see him in this state. I am the main person who rings th hospital every day. My continue reading

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    autoimmune tests

    Once I have had a test coming back as antithyroid peroxidase positive will I always be positive now if I have further tests. I think my new GP wants to do the test again to check if I have athritis due to the pains and stiffness I have been See post

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  • MarshaM

    Psoriasis, autoimmune

    This is a program that comes our PBS station once a week. They are dr's who discuss diseases and treatments. There are many episodes on various discussions. This one is interesting as they touched on joint inflammation and rheumatoid disease continue reading

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  • Castlepoint

    Raynauds & autoimmune ?

    Hello & a Happy New Year to you all. I hope that there maybe someone who can help me to try to understand or gain some information about my symptoms. I have suffered with full blown Raynauds for about 3 yrs - but have had it longer just not as bad continue reading

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  • witchiegirl

    Autoimmune cholangiopathy??

    I am still quite unsure what this is. Is it a version of PBC without the ANA? Is it an overlap of AIH and PSC (what I was told initially, but less sure now since reslut of last biopsy). Alll info very welcome,as I know nuffink really! I did continue reading

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    Autoimmune hepatitus

    Could someone please direct me to information on this. I have maybe found out now why ( I think) and others maybe? have been so ill and not getting any better in fact much worse. It is so wrong that we are subjected to such "cruelty" and left See post

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    Autoimmune Thyroiditis

    This letter may be of interest to others:- January 6, 2004 Question: I am hypothyroid because of autoimmune thyroiditis. I read an article in a magazine that said patients who have one autoimmune disease may also have other ones. My See post

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  • foreversummer


    Hi all My doctor has ordered an Autoimmune Screen blood test. I asked her to test Vitamin D which she agreed to do and she also suggested testing for Coeliac. My blood form does not mention Coeliac specifically it just says "Autoimmune Screen continue reading

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  • chlorophyle

    Autoimmunity and gluten. This video is well worth persevering with, especially the last 5 minutes, where the connection between intestinal permeability and autoimmune illness is made. Hope you don't continue reading

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    Autoimmune - no name?

    Hi, I thought I was getting somewhere with the doctor I spoke to earlier this week because she has more knowledge with autoimmune. I asked her if it has a name and she said just autoimmune thyroid. She told me I have raised antibodies and that See post

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  • PR4NOW

    Lifestyle and Autoimmunity

    This is a presentation by Sarah Ballantyne PhD at the Ancestral Health Symposium and is one of the best discussions I have listened to. A deep dive into the gut and the relationship to autoimmunity. It is not too long, about 40 minutes. PR continue reading

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