The power of the purr

I wondered how many of you out there have a pet? My cat Pookie (he's my profile picture) is so brilliant and really helps me get through the difficult days. Just stroking him and hearing him purr relaxes me and I feel so much happier.

Having that special connection to a cat, who definitely senses when I'm not feeling my best, is incredible. He follows me round the house (I think he thinks he's a dog!) and as soon as I've sat down he'll be straight on my lap and leaning into my body, purring loudly and pummelling my legs with his front paws. At weekends I allocate "Pookie-time" so that we can be each other's companion - he loves to be around me. When I'm upstairs he'll be upstairs, when I'm in the lounge, he'll be in the lounge (mostly sitting on me!), and when I'm out in the garden there he'll be as well!

I can see why there are therapy sessions where people spend time with cats and dogs - just watching them and stroking them is so relaxing. I hope some of you have experienced the same joy that I have. Pookie certainly has a strong counter-balance to any pain I am feeling.

2 Replies

  • I take anti-histamines everyday so that I can have animals, and you're absolutely right. The stroking of an animal and the contentment and joy they bring far outweighs any drugs for depression etc. I have cats and rabbits and guinea pigs and they are all so individual, love them dearly (also helps to take your mind off yourself). :)

  • yes your absolutley right. I have 4 cats and they always know when I am not well-they won't leave my side if i am poorly-they usually know i am getting poorly before i do!. I would be lost without them. they are very relaxing to have around.

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