Dry Eyes

I have just had my 3rd set of punctal plugs in the two main tear ducts of both eyes. It is bliss! Don't feel that constant need to close my eyes all the time, especially evenings, so not good for the social life! I need far fewer eye drops too. Only thing is, they don't last for ever. In fact, I've only managed to keep them in for about 2 months on the previous occasions. But at the moment it's just lovely! Highly recommended.

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  • Wow, I have never heard of that before. Great that is has helped you and try to keep them in ;)

  • Does it hurt to have them? My eyes drive me mad with dryness!

  • Hi

    I would so recommend this procedure! I feel like a different person with them in, though I still need occasional eye drops, especially in the morning. Eyes take a while to get going.

    Slight discomfort on insertion in left eye this last time but not a problem. I had local anaesthetic drops.

    Just desperate to keep them in as long as possible!

    Good luck.

  • Hi, I have these plugs to and they are brilliant x

  • How long have you managed to keep yours in place?!

  • Is it just me or do others find that the eye drops sting like mad especially first thing but if I dont use them I cant blink


  • I'm not sure the eye drops should sting. Mine are like nectar! Perhaps you could try another type? There are lots available.


  • I've gone through the next, probably final, step to improve the dry eye problem. 2 lower ducts cauterised ie sealed off. Local injection not comfy but actual op no problem & very quick. Would certainly recommend this for those who have painfully dry eyes, especially if plugs don't seem to be the answer. During the night & early morning are still uncomfortable but day & evening are much improved, tnough even then I use drops occasionally.

    Lizat :D

  • Hi,interesting to read this blog as I have had sore eyes for a while now and very painful in the mornings and at night , ive just been bathing them with cold water with very little help. May be I should ask my rheumatologist about eye drops. Zebby

  • Hi Zebby

    It's surprisingly painful isn't it?! As you say, especially in the mornings. Your GP could prescribe eye drops in the first instance. I was advised to bathe my eyes with warm, boiled water. Dry eyes are more prone to infection. At the moment I use Clinitas preservative free eye drops with Lacri-lube at night...a bit messy but makes a difference.

    The good effects of the cauterisation seem to be wearing off. Help! Fortunately I have a follow up appointment with the specialist in a couple of months.

    Don't put off the eyedrops...they do give relief. Let me know how you get on.


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