Rheumatologist specialized in scleroderma needed

Hi. I want to take an opinion on my situation and therapeutic approach by an expert . Unfortunately I get the feeling that my illness is moving ahead, while my doctor thinks that the therapy he has tried in me is working. So I want to take another opinion. I live in Greece but iam willing to try abroad. Please if anyone can propose an expert on scleroderma or a special clinic it would be helpful.

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  • I see a rheumatologist in Boston. I have an unusual case so finding a doctor to look out side the box has been a challenge. So far he's been great and I like him. There are several scleroderma specialists in Boston. I would stick to Boston Medical, MGH ( Mass General Hospital) and BWH ( Brigham Women's Hospital).

    I think you should research what they are interested in. Most doctors have their "special interest" listed. That way you do not get a doctor who is not interested in your type of scleroderma. Look at their research this will help narrow down who might be good for you.

    Hope this helps.

    Positive thoughts :-)

  • I also have been seeing a Dr at Mass General in Boston Ma

  • Maybe you could try to get an appointment with Professor Denton in the Royal Free Hospital in London. My rheumatologist referred me to him for an appointment when I was first diagnosed. Professor Denton is one of the best in the world and is in charge of research.

    You can read about him on the Scleroderma Society site. Here is the link to the question and answer page.


    Good luck.

  • Thank you all for your replies. Boston in the USA you mean? I think I will try Europe first. Any other suggestions by European friends?

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