Hi my daughter has scleroderma and I'm just venting off really I hate the tiredness this disease brings she is 30 years old single no children and the likely hood of not having any due to this condition it not fair I hate it she should be out enjoying herself not asleep because she has worked all week and had s couple of hours out till 10 last night , also fell hospital is useless would love her to go to qe where scleroderma specialist sry it frustrates me

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  • Hello Frankie88,

    Which part of the country are you?

  • Birmingham

  • Birmingham

  • She can ask her GP to transfer her case to the QE. I am under Dr Derrett Smith and her treatment has been marvellous. She went right back to the beginning and totally overhauled my drug regime. But like you say, it's so unfair because there will never be a cure. I practically go straight to bed when I get home from work and spent all weekend good for nothing! It must mean a lot to her to have a loving mum in her corner x

  • What medication are you on she is on hydrochloacholrine was on methertrexate also vitamin d x

  • Hydroxychlroquine; methotrexate; fluoxetine; omeprazole; adalat; losartan; vitamin B; vitamin C; fish oils; folic acid. I rattle when I walk!

  • Also on 5mgs prednisolone- but trying to reduce as I am the size of a shipping hazard ;(

  • Omg and lau thinks she takes a lot she's on antidepressants and anxiety tablets to

  • Hi Fatug, there is lots of support on the SRUK forum if you need it.

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