I have Limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis and have recently been getting cramps in the sides of my hands which I can cope with, but also cramps in my feet, ankle and calf's which are happen at night and I am unable to stand so crawl to the bathroom where I find the only relief I can get is a bath of hot water this last about an hour this is occurring at least once a week and does not appear to be related to anything I do,has anyone experienced this or have any suggestions to help relieve it

Thank you

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  • Hello there, I don't like to think of you having to tolerate this situation! I would really advise that you discussed your situation with your Rheumatologist or GP. Cramps can be caused by a number of things and I think it would be of benefit to get some up to date blood tests to check that everything is fine with your kidneys, liver etc and speak to your specialist.

    Just as an aside. I believe I read on this site that one lady used Indian tonic water to relieve her cramps!

    Please don't suffer.

    All my best Lucy

  • It is the quinine in the Tonic Water that helps but if you speak to your GP you should be able to get quinine tablets on prescription. You shouldn't have to tolerate these cramps. I only have them in my toes and that is bad enough but as my GP has never heard of it only affecting the toes and nowhere else so won't prescribe anything. I hope to speak to my new scleroderma specialist on the 17th November and ask her if it is relevant to my condition. Try to keep your muscles warm and exercise does help.

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