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Can I expect to get better?

Hi Folks

I'm struggling a bit at the end moment; lots of things in flare-up phase but there is one thing that I'm hopeful will go away. Tendonitis means that I'm having difficulty using my hands, this in my feet and bowel problems means that I'm confined to a short radius from my house. From what I read the tendonitis is temporary so my question is: is this your experience? I need some light (and exercise) at the end of the tunnel. Cheers

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Hello there, it sounds to me like your tendinitis has been going on for a while now. Do you have a Rheumatologist who you regularly see? If so, and you don't have an appointment soon I would be contacting them and seeing if they can fit you in. You ideally need some updated blood tests to check out your inflammatory markers and to see if you are currently experiencing a flare that needs changes to your medication. I don't know what you are on but you may need a short course of steroids or changes to any immunosuppression that you are on.

Please don't wait it out and suffer go and speak to someone. If not your Rheumatologist then a GP that has an understanding of your condition.

All my best



Thanks Lucy I'll take follow your advice.



I would definitely agree with Lucy and say go and speak to your GP or consultant about both the tendonitis and bowel problems. Treatment is available for both conditions and it is just finding a treatment that works for you so you don't have to put your life on hold. Hope you get some light (and exercise) soon :)