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Sexual health

Jointly with the Raynaud's and Scleroderma Association (RSA), we are updating our publication on sexual health and scleroderma. Some men and women with scleroderma struggle to have sexual relationships. We would like you to share your experience. Have you had any struggles, how have you overcome these? Is dryness, hardening/tightening of the skin or Raynaud’s a problem? Do you have difficulties in having STD or smear tests? Do please contact to signal your interest and she will email you with some more information. Alternatively you can call Chloe on 020 7000 1925 for further information. Any information you share will be in confidence and anonymised if you would prefer. Please share widely. Thanks

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Yes struggle with sexual things . So the best thing is not to do it . It causes problems afterwards and both Don,t enjoy . Theres other things in your imagination you have to enjoy . I ended up having an internal last weekend . It was not to bad . I was away from home . Just said to doctor you will need a small septum . Way forward is to relax . She was very carefull and done the deed slowly . And said could see changes . My own GP says when cervix is thin and pale you will have pain . Plus also scleroderma . Also thyroid problems will take any sexual feelings away . So its to your imagination . You can still be married and still have a lovely loving life .


Hi Leilachristina. Thank you for your comments and for highlighting to request a small spectrum when having a smear test and to relax.

Some people do continue to have active sexual relationships despite their scleroderma - they identify ways to mitigate the symptoms. If anyone has any tips on what they do then we would like to hear from you.


Well its a little different being 62: . I have been married to a toy boy for 30 years Its also your attitude to sex . My hubby would love to start up in what is a memory . But its down really to the auttute to sex . The must have or do without . Marriage can survive very well without