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Scleroderma and gastroparesis, r they connected?

My aunt just passed from scleroderma last week. I was just diagnosed with gastroparesis. I was tested for scleroderma but came back negative. I have been getting worse and worse. Any help? Just started domperidone and it does work to push the food through, but i still get sick, and cant sleep anymore laying down.

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Hi Dogsmom

I have both. There is a link but GP is not always caused by SSc - it is either muscle weakness in peristalsis or damage to the nerve that triggers peristalsis, either of which can be caused by a number of things (I'm only familiar with a couple). We bought a big foam wedge and put it under the head End of the mattress :) (you need to have the start of the wedge at your hip). I'm on domperidone too it's good you can tolerate it :) no doubt you've had all the diet advice about mushy soft food or liquid, avoiding sugars, avoid high fat, etc? GP is a terrifying nightmare I was so scared I had it for 2 years and was sadly proven right but get yourself as educated as you can and it is manageable. Big hugs xxx


I've had GP for years it got worse and worse and I ended up in hospital twice. Also have scleroderma two years ago it got so bad I wasn't able to be more than 2 mins from a loo as it would give me awful bouts of diarrhoea after days of food sticking. I opted to have an ileostomy and although it's a radical move. It's changed my life I can go out and about with confidence. I'm not saying it has to come to that for you but it's worth having a think Good luck it's a horrible disease.


My husband has that . .Caused by stress . And my nephew has it also caused by stress . The blood tests where good 8 years ago would picked up scleroderma before it started . Even better now .

You will have a 1 in 5 chance of getting it . If your genes are the same , Scleroderma is not inherited .

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Some pills don't mix with others . Then Don,t work well . Take the tummy pill on its own . Some don't mix with levtroxeine . OK leave a space .


I a sorry but what is gastroparesis?


Suddenly realised what it is and I have it too and it is part of my Limited Systemic Sclerosis. As well as stopping, peristalsis is very slow. I am not yet on any medication as the surgeon who told me about it sent me for a gastroscopy (not nice) back in January and I haven't seen him since.