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Flare or just sore throat?

Last week i went away for 5 days,did quite a bit of walking,went on a zip wire,paddled in sea. I was fine. I have Scleroderma but didnt think i had it bad. Breathless sometimes.achy sometimes.But thats probs because im on Hydroxychloroquine and tramadol,keeps it at bay.

Friday morning started with a sore throat,thought nothing of it. Over the weekend it has just got worse. Cant swallow without lots of pain,hence hardly eating.Tired out,weak. Headache.This morning my lower back was killing me,but has eased a bit now. Cant bend properly to get dressed.Hot sweats.My jaw bone hurts.Im coughing.

Im thinking now,is this my first real flare? I dont know whether i need to see a doc,being on immuno-suppressant? Or do i just rest till it goes? I still need to walk my dog,and ive got work tomorrow and im loathe to start taking time off with this sure that will come in the future.

Any replies appreciated :-)

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I am sure you are fine, it may be a normal Summer cold, however, if you are breathless sometimes you need to see a rheumatologist for a referral to a lung specialist...early treatment is essential.

Take normal precautions such as resting, taking paracetemol and keeping up your fluids. If you do not feel better or if you start to produce coloured sputum when coughing then call your GP.

Best wishes



Thanks trunchalobesity. I think you were right,just a cold! But ive never had such a sore throat in my life!.And disappeared as quick as it appeared. Yesterday i posted as i was getting a bit worried in case i had an infection and it could spread quickly,was going to go to GP this morning,but its almost gone! I coughed all night too. I cant quite believe it. I was drinking fresh lemon juice in warm water with honey last night. Theres the answer lol.

Thanks x


I think when we get simple viruses our whole immune system flares up and we get other symptoms. I had a stomach bug at Easter and ended up in bed for a few days with horrible aches and pains all over.


Shazzer1976 it did seem thay way. I never usually get as much as a cold then all of sudden Wham! . I'l know what to expect next time,and rest more at the beginning. Been in bed all day so feeling better now.


Hi, you did a lot in your time away and truth is you've probably exhausted yourself and in that have let your defences down so been more susceptible to any bugs flying around ( on the zip wire or anywhere else!!) . You need to pace yourself sometimes but you need the fun too! Glad you are feeling better.x


Thanks judith3. You know,this is my very first "flare" if you like, and you are spot on! Had the 3 grandchildren with us too (and their parents,wasnt just me looking after them.Dont think i'd be here if so lol), so didnt get as much sleep as usual.also with the narrow caravan bed! had fun tho. Ive stayed off work all week and slept mostly. Still got the sore throat but its loads better. Think ive learned a lesson! x


I second judith3's comment. You prob overdid it (don't worry, you're not the only one, I do all the time). Just take it easy and rest. A busy, although lovely, break always does it to me. Stupid disease!!! Glad you had fun though, that's the main thing :-)