Depression and extreme fatigue

Please help i feel im going mad Grrrr, im so fatigued, cant go any where without feel so so ill. Went to my daughters yesterday for the day didnt do anything but drink tea and talk. Came home and cried all night as i feel so ill. Feel i cant function normally. I have been diagnosed with M E four years ago but think its more to do with sclero. Any help would be appreciated. Dont know how to cope :,(

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  • You could ask for antidepressants but they will numb you. What brought relief to me (and I wasn't even able to walk) was reading books FOR A PURPOSE. Not just any books, but those that will stimulate your curiosity. I think it helps to set yourself a goal (mine was: I may die young but not stupid.. smile). Historical books are great becasue you go into different times.. I read The Renaissance Man by Agnes Heller, as one exmaple, and set myself the goal to see how modern thinking has changed .. this seems a simple task now, but when I had double periferal vision, muscular pain and short breath, it was monumental not to focus on myself and my 2 children I thought I would orphan. Intellect is a great med as well, stimulate it a bit at least, make your mind WANT to know something.. this mental stimulation also produces biochemical changes in your brain which help combat depression. Senseless chitchat will do nothing, just leave you more miserable. There is convincing neuroscientific explanation why it is like that. I think Stephen Hawking is a living proof that thinking and mental effort give us intense pleasure and change the chemistry in our brain to allow for posistive changes. In any case do not wait for miracles, DIY.

    If I could, you can.

    Best Wishes

  • Another good book I read was: How your mind can heal your body by David R. Hamilton, PhD. Some things can only be cured/controlled with medication but what he says in this book is very good sense.

  • Hi I agree with Sootie1 that if you can't get out and about physically, you can do so with your mind. I take part in various online courses called Future Learn. Anyone can participate. You can also get involved in community issues and politics online. War on Want, Stamp out poverty, 38 Degrees, Compassion in Farming,, Politics UK are just a few organisations that have interesting information and allow you to get involved. However, a good cry can help. Can you take herbal teas with ginseng and St Johns wort and make sure you have vitamin B supplements. You will get over this - it's a phase and you can work through it I'm sure.

  • Have you been checked for any other underlying causes of fatigue. I had no idea I was becoming quite anaemic due to iron deficiency. I'm also taking steroids which has really perked me up - not a long term solution, granted but it's nice not feeling half dead. I also found the way I was feeling was making me really down.

  • What else are you taking? I was taking fluoxetene for Raynauds, a mild anti- depressant, they depressed me as they gave me fatigue which was drowning me. I feel great for having stopped them. I agree with the comments about positive mental attitude and believing you will be well. I also read but anything my 15 year old daughter recommends. Go for a walk and look around you it might help, as may some exercise. You can never feel angry, mad or sad on a bicycle. Take care keep well.

  • Knitting? Drawing? Sudoku? I'm addicted. I take sertraline for my raynauds, also an antidepressant, and have had no bad side effects. Don't wallow, it doesn't do you any good. Read a book, have a sauna, have a massage. Anything which will make you feel good. My dog is my remedy for the days I'm really fatigued and aching. Walk, sofa, cuppa, film and a cuddle. Works wonders. Hope you feel more like yourself soon. Xx

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