my scleroderma/systemic sclerosis symptoms are increasing

Hi, my symptoms are increasing although I"m trying to ignore them! I had my second hydrotherapy yesterday it was so nice to sit in warm water and do exercises, I"m hoping I will benefit, although it leaves me feeling tired. I"m now finding more dry patches on my body, more tightness in muscles especially in my legs and hands. I use loads of creams and lotions, I take nfedidine, (I hope that's the correct spelling) and I"m seeing my rheumatolagist next month, so it"s all happening. I find it difficult sometimes to manage, because I live alone now after my husband left me (he having had an affair) 4 years ago, we had been married for 36 years! when he left me to live with the woman I developed depression, still take anti depressants. These forums are good, they offer support and I get the scleroderma society magazine every 3 months, it"s good to understand the condition more.

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  • It must be difficult being on your own, I too am struggling, haven't driven my car as my leg & ankle are constricting and my hands don't like the gears. Have you tried aveeno. I use the shower oil and the cream oil, and now have cypress essential oil, added into a base of almond oil, really soothing on hands and feet. Its taken me a long time to accept the scleroderma, I burried my head in the sand xx hugs xx

  • H Lorraine, thank you for your advise. I`m sorry to hear you are struggling, some days are harder than others, but remember this is why forums like this exist, to allow fellow sufferers to support each other and help you through the bad days. Take care and keep smiling, xxxx

  • Try d-ribose and creatine for the tiredness and invest in a foam roller to self-massage after exercise xcx

  • Hi fairy 56, I am so sorry to hear about your personal circumstances,stay strong, you are clearly a better person than him! Try and keep up with the hydrotherapy, it will keep your joints moving in the long run, all I can suggest really is that with moisturising, pure coconut oil is amazing, it can be found in all health shops, in solid form from a jar, especially after being in water, my mother never had any sore or cracked skin due to the coconut oil, her specialist was impressed at her soft skin, you can even cook with it, as well as smelling like a tropical cocktail. Stay warm and positive, springtime is just around the corner. Xxxx

  • Hi Sparkles45, thank you for your advise and support, this is why forums are so good, it allows fellow sufferers to support each other, take care stay warm xxxx

  • Hi fairy56, I agree, these forums are amazing, I am fortunate enough not to be a sufferer, I was my mums carer from the day she was diagnosed with systemic scleroderma. I have researched the disease to the best of my ability without being a medical person and if I can speak through mums experience and help in any way then that gives me immense pleasure. Chat and message any time you feel you need to. Take care.

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