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Panic with painful legs

Cant believe how painful my legs are Grrrr.

Was out shopping with my daughter and almost collapse as i grabbed the trolley to help myself.

Then when i woke up the next morning the pain was from my buttocks down my legs so so painful i can hardly move with pain. Has anyone else had this experience ? any advice would be gratefully received. Im in a bit of a panic not knowing how to cope :(

thank you Ruthie.

Happy and healthy new year to you all.

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Hi Ruthie

I do suffer with painful legs and know others who are also affected. I find warm baths , massage and stretching exercises help. I was told by rheumatology to take painkillers when it was really bad. Raising them and resting them also helps . If it continues mention it to your consultant.

Hope this helps at least you know you are not alone with this.


Hey, I know how you feel, I go out for shopping with my husband and son and have tingling muscle pains and I feel like my legs are going to come out of my pelvis sockets. horiible but hot baths do help and I also changed my shoes so they are wedged which seemes to lessen the pain a bit as I noticed wearing flats made it alot worse.


I do suffer from sore legs, but its a tightness with my legs and feet that is my worst pain. I have other medication as I have a cervical spinal fusion which I think probably helps with the leg pain. You should get any severe pain checked by a doctor x hope you find someone who can help you xx


Not being an expert on pain associated with scleroderma but I've had episodes like you describe which has been diagnosed as sciatica. My daughter not me has scleroderma. I hope the pain you described isn't associated with your condition.