Hi all . I have been on a clinical trial injecting tocilizumab once a week , the trial is for two years and for me it's coming to an end around Christmas time. This drug has done me so much good and I am scared to stop taking it as it has improved my mobility so much that I can at times get about without a stick. Before taking it I had to use a mobility scooter,wheelchair,bath lift and my husband had to help me dress,cook and do the housework. And my condition was getting worse daily. This makes me very scared , i dont want to go back to how it was. So scared of going backwards.

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  • So nice to hear good news! Best Wishes..

  • I am due to start sub cut tocilizumab in the next few weeks - if it is no longer in the trial stage and is being prescribed I would think you should be able to continue?

    glad to hear it is effective - I trialled cimzia with no joy so I am hoping this new biologic will help my ra

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