Hi lovely people,

im really struggling lately with chronic pain my left leg is unbearable. My Rhumatologist has put me on pregabalin im on 200mgs a day. Pain killers are not helping Grrrrr :(. Any advice would be gratefully helpful. Also im struggling with fatigue but cant sleep. Just needed to blurt and moan thank you for reading. Stay strong !!!! Ruthie :)

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  • Sorry to hear this Ruthie, I haven't experienced this are you sure it is scleroderma related? I had chronic hip pain but it turned out not to be the scleroderma. You may need to go back to your GP especially if the pain is not being managed, that is not ok and they can sort it. I think if they do not know what it is you need further tests.

    Good luck H XX

  • Hi, Ruthie, oh boy do I know how you feel. The pains in my hands and feel keep me awake and I am constantly fatigued. Painkillers don't last long enough even if they do take the edge of it so what I've been doing is taking a very very mild over the counter sleeping pill which I find enables me to sleep through the pain. I also take my Pregabalin at night as it too helps me sleep. I wake up exhausted more often than not but at least my body has had some rest. I hope you feel stronger soon. Ax

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