Nissen fundoplication

Hi, after several years of worsening Symptoms,including aspiration which has damaged my lungs, I have now been recommended for this op. I have oesophageal dysmotility and virtually no stomach sphincter tone. I also have a large hiatus hernia. My gastro consultant is really pushing for it. However, the surgeon ( mr Dip Mukherjee at Queens) says that although he has performed this op three times a week for fifteen years, he has never done it on a scleroderma patient! I am after advice. Has anyone had this op? Which hospital and surgeon performed it? And should I asked to be referred to someone else? This surgeon seems very professional and is a lovely guy, but I must admit I do have reservations! Thanks.x

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  • Presume you are in the UK - where is Queens?? I live in NZ but I know that there is excellent Scleroderma care available in the UK. You could try to get another opinion from Prof.Chris Denton and his team at the Royal Free in London. From what I have heard you can get another opinion quite easily. Ask the Scleroderma Society for help.

  • Hi rugbybirds, I really feel for you. I also have dysmotility and, although I don't have it half as bad as you, it is a truly rotten symptom of this f'nking disease. I agree with the lady from NZ have a chat with Prof Denton, he will even answer an email if you can't get to see him. He of all people should be able to help you. I saw a Dr Murray who is a GI specialist at the Royal Free too and he was lovely, he may be of some assistance to you as well. I wish you all the very best of luck with it all. Axx

  • Thanks for the replies. Emailing prof Denton is a great idea. I will get onto the nurses for an address.x

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