esomeprazole (PPI)

I am given esomeprazole for an inflamed stomach and acid reflux (which has never been formally linked to SSd, but is likely to be part of the same parcel in retrospect!) and when I am on it I gain weight, my abdomen distends and I am pretty uncomfortable on it. Just weaned myself off again and intend to try to manage without it for now (I know what food/actions cause it to flare) just wondered if anyone else found this drug to be so disagreeable?

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  • Yes, tried to wean off it but developed other problems so now use kefir which helps.

  • Hi

    I have been on it for years and sometimes,have to double the dose. I don't gain weight in fact the opposite. My stomach does distended sometimes but the benefits outweighs the negatives. Sometimes gives me the runs. By far the best one around. I avoid dairy and gluten it irritates may stomach and makes it bloat. I hope this helps?

  • Thanks :) I have a super restricted diet already (meat veg eggs and fish) must just be it takes me a funny way :)

  • Hiya again

    With me its a question of what I can eat rather than what I can't, I am the ideal dinner guest!!! I live on gluten and dairy free, fish, eggs, fruit (not citrus), nuts & veg. Really boring but thankfully helps. Rice, melon and pineapple are definate no,no too. It is surprising how creative you can be with these ingredients. Shout if you want to try some recipes?

  • You sound like me! :)

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