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Swollen stomach

Hi everyone here I am again asking question after question. I am struggling with a swollen stomach and it goes so tight, Ive got ssd I also have GERDS and motility of the stomach, its so discomforting and I look pregnant most of the time. HELP !!! is there anything I can do to help this ?? im on ppi,s . Dose anyone here suffer from this at all ? would value advice thank you stay strong Ruthie :)

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Hi hope you are well. I too look like i am expecting and it is a frequently asked question and very embarrassing. I have SSD and GERD. I take a cocktail of drugs including steroids which were responsible for rapid weight gain. I am now on a 10mg maintenance dose which i am trying to reduce to 7.5mg if my lungs can stand it. I was also on Fluoxetine for Raynauds which can also contribute to weight gain so i have stopped it once I was told by the herpetologist that i had fatty liver disease and trunchal obesity (hence the login). I am trying to lose weight with diet and moderate exercise. I am 5'6'' and weigh 11 stone 10 lbs but my waist is 41 inches. I also suffer with slow transit of the stomach and was taking metoclopramide to empty the stomach and still take movicol to empty the bowel every night and every other morning. I am not sure what PPI'S are. Anyone with kidney involvement will probably tell you it is better to carry a little weight incase of crisis. lung Doctors like you to lose a bit and gastos like you to stay the same.

Hope you feel better, take care.