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Is it a symptom?

Hi everyone, thank you all for your response to my previous post.

My mum has developed a pin prick size sore on the ankle bone but the pain is excruciating and has to constantly have painkillers. Now another one is developing :(

The last time she had one the only thing that helped was staying in hospital an intravenous drugs.

Is thing something scleroderma sufferers get and if you have had it or have do you deal with it??

Also, if you are UK you know of a effective anti-itch cream? Her arms are killing her :(

Thank you x

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My skin used to itch terribly but then I got a sample of Doublebase gel when I was at the Royal Free Hospital and now I get it on prescription. It is the best cream and it stopped the itch immediately. I have Scleroderma.


Thank you Irene55, we shall try it! :)


I had them on my elbow ...really painful as you say, also on the bridge of my nose where my specs sit! Its mad that such a tiny thing can cause so much pain!! It seems to be where skin is thin and tight in my case. I have scleroderma. For my elbow i put on one of those blister plasters can keep them on days and it gave the skin chance to heal over (in my case). Worth a try at least.... as long as you put them onto clean dry skin. They tollerate showers etc.

Good luck.XXXXXX.


Hi Judith3, Thank you for your response. I will ask her to try it. She does have very tight skin too :( xxxx