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Varicose veins

Hi, I have really bad painful varicose veins in my legs due to scleroderma, has anyone else suffered with this and what helps? My gp will only give me tubigrip one size bigger than I measure until I see a vascular consultant. Would iloprost or viagra help? I have had iloprost previously and professor denton suggested viagra before for digital ulcers but I never had it as I went on a drug trial. Would like to hear if anyonehas undergone anything similar

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Hi. I have a few varicose veins but nothing serious yet & I don't think they are connected to the scleroderma. If you are seeing Prof Denton, you are seeing the best so hope it isn't too long before your vascular appointment then you can get the right advice. All the best.


If only there was someone like Prof. Denton in New Zealand. You don't know how lucky you are and the advice to wait and see what he says is the best advice in my view. I have severe Varicose veins which I am sure are as a result of Scleroderma. I have never been offered any medication but I have had the worst superficial ones stripped. However that is not the be all and end all of it. I still have deep incompetent veins and wear compression 3 support stockings thigh high every day. Even though I am very vigilant I still sometimes get ulcers. I am sure that if any medication would help I would have been offered it.


I've got horrible varicose veins and spider veins. Iloprost doesn't do anything to them and neither does viagra (just made me flushed with a raging headache). If you find anything that helps I'd love to hear about it though.