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Systemic sclerosis not listed for critical illness cover

Hi folks, on advice from my very supportive work place I decided to pursue making a claim for critical illness cover. I am with Aviva and Systemic Sclerosis is not listed although Lupus is. How can this be? Surely any critical illness is covered no matter how rare it is? I was aware of this a year ago when I initially looked into it and more or less wrote it off as (very) tough luck. My boss encouraged me not to accept this as her close friend made a successful claim with ME which I don't think was listed with her policy holder. I have 5 years left on my mortgage and have already dropped from 5 to 4 days a week. I'm a teacher and day to day functioning is becoming more difficult and not helped by very disrupted sleep most nights. I am currently on Easter hols and spending most of today in bed after a very productive day yesterday.

Anyone got any experience/advice they can share with me?

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I'm sorry, I've no direct experience of this, but had heard before that scleroderma is not listed as a critical illness. I could understand this if Lupus was not on the list but the fact that it is doesn't seem to make sense. Can you post again if you discover more?


I have worked as a supply teaching assistant to complex special needs for the last ten years, a physical and demanding job, on average I worked 4 or 5 days a week. Last july I went home sick one day and never went back.

I applied for sick pay but was told that my national insurance contributions had been too low over two last 2years

(due to a lot of time off for illness) . My previous 35 years contributions did not seem to count. I tried to apply for DLA and have now applied for the new PIP payment. I will let you know what happens, am awaiting an assessment. I have now earned no money for nearly a year so I am crossing my fingers; which is easy as they are now very bendy ;)


Thanks for your reply Helen. I'm sorry that you're having such a bad time. There just seems to be so many 'get-outs' for insurance companies when it comes to chronic illness. I thought I was prepared for any eventuality when I took out critical illness cover along with my mortgage all those years ago. My Dad had to give up work as a self-employed taxi driver when he was 52 because of a heart condition which effectively left him disabled for 25 years until he died in 2012 so I knew how important it was to think ahead. I really didn't think I would ever need it. Now I feel that I've been conned.

I hope you get the help you deserve soon.