The Scleroderma Society

Fundraising going well!

Hello fellow members, just a little update for you, we have raised £960 on the just giving site for the scleroderma society, Dad has been selling raynauds and scleroderma wrist bands to anyone that walks past him, so he buys them from the official site giving them their money for them and then sells them on to others at twice the price and puts all monies made back into the scleroderma society. We all, as a family have some summer fund raising ideas coming up and also, hopefully some media awareness. I will keep you posted,Mum would have been so proud. I am equally proud of my Dad, he has his very dark days of course, it is still less than 2 months since we lost our precious angel but we are all so focused on fundraising that it certainly helps the dark days. Bit of an agonising wait for mums memorial plaque, that's normal for church grounds though, if anyone's name deserved to be remembered it was certainly Valerie Carters, my special mum. I will let you all know if I manage to get on television to boost awareness, I shall certainly give it my best! Xxxx

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You are really doing a great job!! That';s such a good result so far. Get in touch with if you want some back-up, support etc. Amy could get things on Facebook or the Society website etc...the more publicity the better maybe. I didn't know you were aiming to get on TV. That would be a real coup! Keep up the great work & good luck.