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I've recently developed a rough,grainy rash on my top lip,cheeks and the bridge of my nose.Could this be a symptom of scleroderma?

My GP has prescribed Epaderm ointment,which hasn't had any effect.She didn't say that it is caused by scleroderm ,but,I feel that she has little knowledge of the illness.

Does anyone have any experience of rashes and how best to treat them?

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Hi Poppy....I have scleroderma and I experience random spotty blemishes and rashes, but I can honestly say I haven;t had rashes like the one you describe....My advice would be is to request an early review by your rheumatologist in order to check your bloods......, just in case that you may be developing another connective tissue disease....please make an appointment with your GP at the earliest and ask for a referral.....please take care and best wishes xx