Precious Angel. Xx

This morning I lost my beautiful mum,her kidneys were just too weak and unfortunately infection got the better of her, all 5 of her children managed to make the 120 mile journey to the royal free in London in time for her to peacefully slip away. No too sure how to help my dad grieve, they were together for 54 years and never ever apart. I thank you from the bottom of my heart fellow members for taking this difficult scleroderma journey with me and I know 100% that this very unknown disease rarely has this outcome! mum was 72, actually 73 next Thursday,the same day as my daughters birthday,they had a special bond sharing birthdays! Mums age and problems with infection were all against her, so please all stay warm and keep learning about scleroderma to help sufferers beat this disease. I know when my life is a bit calmer that I still hope to be involved with you all in some way. Look up to heaven for my mum, she is the brightest angel there.xxxxxx

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  • Dear Nikki, I'm sending you my deepest sympathies. You've been so strong throughout your mum's troubles, and she must have really appreciated that. I'm sure you will be as wonderful a support to your dad as he grieves as you have been to your mum. I hope you and your family have a special time of closeness as you go through the next few days and weeks, remembering your mum in the happy and pain-free times as the wonderful woman I'm sure she was. With love, Alison (Jasmine's mum) xx

  • You and your family did everything a caring family could to support your mother. My thoughts are with you and thank you for sharing this with us at this difficult time.

  • Thank you for sharing this with us so soon after your lovely mum died. I have thought about you often in the days since you last wrote & wondered what was happening. You could not have done more for your mum & therefore made those tough times a bit easier for her. She was obviously a wonderful person. Take care of yourself as well as looking out for others. With all my sympathy. Liz

  • So sorry for your loss thinking of you at this sad time xx

  • So sorry to hear of your Mums death, but she is pain free now and can be at rest. She will live on with you and your family as you celebrate her life. You were so pro active with her scleroderma and I'm sure in the future we will see your name here again, as you have also been a terrific support to all of us by trying to understand the nature of this disease. I'm sure you will be just as strong for your Dad, but remember to keep back some energy for your own grieving. I'm sure we will all be watching the skies for a while. RIP Precious Angel. x

  • My heartfelt sympathies go out to you and your family. Losing my own Mother was probably the saddest thing I have had to endure and I can truly identify with your loss.

    Thank you for your sharing this with us on this site. And all your concern for fellow sufferers at a time which is very hard for you. Warm wishes .

  • I'm so sorry for your sad thoughts are with you and your family at this very difficult time

  • My heart felt condolences Words just feel so inadequate at a time like this. Ax

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