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Hi everyone, im feeling so depressed today, this colder weather is making my muscles and skin feel so painful, im not sleeping and even the smallest of daily task is getting harder and harder to do. I feel im walking through mud as my muscles feel so weak. Ive got a constant pounding head ache, and the fatigue is just getting worse. Sorry for wingeing I live alone and feel so lonely right now in it all. Bad day :( was wondering if anyone suffered with pounding constant head aches ??? they are never ending and driving me crazy. Dr just says take pain relief bit helping as it dosent take the pounding away. Ruth

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I started with headaches but they responded quickly to 2 paracetamol. I read somewhere in the Scleroderma leaflet the you can have vascular headaches.I only have them occasionally. It must be hard if you live alone. I am tired, as you say it is like walking through mud but some days are better than others. Do share your worries, it helps.


This will sound a bit silly, but what really helped me to overcome those low moods were cartoons. The long ones like HAPPY FEET...Mouse Feivel etc. They do not require any brainwork and after some time I noticed that my mood improved just by thinking about them.. I am sure there is an explanation how this happens in our brain.. in any case my neurons started firing at the right places and I could feel relief. I am now 18 years past diagnosis and a 5yr immunosuppression and had all the symptoms. I am fit, stable, swim an hour every day and lead a normal life. I live in Spain and the sun surely helps, but I was already ok in the Uk before coming here. Being alone could be a blessing in disguise. I wish you all the best...

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Hi zebby yep got the same too for the last 2 weks keep waking up with headaches getting use to it now, the docs tell me the same stay in keep warm ,i do have my son living with me at mo which is a great help , just stay positive and remember u are not alone :-) stay well and warm xxxxxxx


Hi Ruth. I'm glad you posted how you are/were feeling. I do hope you feel a bit better now. Sometimes just writing down feelings can be helpful. Who else can you share with if not other people with sclerioderma! Your walking through mud description was a really good one, & many people would relate to that. The nights can be so long. Most nights I have to turn on the radio a few times to stop my thoughts.

Don't forget the Helpline if these feelings catch you out another day.


Thank you everyone for your lovely thoughts and help. Happy feet sounds good to me lol. Im feeling a bit better today and yes Lizat it dose help to talk and share. Im so so greatful for this site it has been a God send to me and a great encouragement. Stay well every one. Ruth