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Was diagnosed Monday (10-21) with "mild scleroderma" and am now waiting on more labs.(results 11/04). I am not new to the "autoimmune merry-go-round" but really didn't want another dx. Am wondering if anyone has ever been diagnosed with a different autoimmune disease only to find that it really was part of the Lupus group? I have done a bit of research since Monday and noticed that some of the symptoms are the same as those already diagnosed.

One thing that has concerned me for the last 14 years is that I have a very high ANA count (1640) and it has never been addressed. In 2007 I was diagnosed with AIH with PBC overlap and Raynauds, and then in 2/2012 with COPD. Both of these have some of the same symptoms as this scleroderma.

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  • I have systemic sclero, PBC and Sjogren's. The Scleroderma came first, then Sjogren's then PBC. I think a lot of these AI disorders are more or less connected and have common symptoms. You say your ANA is 1:1640 or is it 1:640. Years ago mine was 1:1280 and now it is more like 1:640. With Scleroderma symptoms, are more important than bloods really. You can't have a diagnosis on bloods alone, lots of people have a positive ANA but no symptoms and probably never will develop any and on the other hand I know people who have a normal ANA and severe symptoms. You say your ANA has never been addressed - I don't think there is anything than can be done to change it. The only treatment is to deal with the effects of the symptoms and to stay as comfortable and mobile as possible.

    I have not heard of mild scleroderma, you either have sclero or you don't but the effects can be mild or severe depending on the luck of the draw!!

  • Thank you, Judyt. -:)

    The ANA is 1640 and there were other symptoms years ago but I just never got to the

    Dr. until 07 when I was dx with the AIH/PBC. I had an awful itching rash back in '99 which started this medical merry-go-round. As I said, I see my Rheumatologist again Monday, the 4th and will see what he has to say after getting the blood work back and putting it all with my history. I will also be a bit more prepared with questions. Thx.

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