Rash and blood test call back,any ideas?

Hi again everyone,mum is feeling worried today as I have to take her at the doctors request for an appointment today,something to do with her first fortnightly blood test. I have tried to reassure her that the blood tests are there for that reason,to keep an eye on her and to pick up any problems fast,I have not let on at all that I am worried,she is so so poorly,maybe they know that methotrexate is not for her already! Mum has had a rash even before diagnosis and this is very sore and travelled from the tops of her legs to round her bottom,is this part of scleroderma? I shall mention it to her GP later but he has already admitted that he knows very little about systemic scleroderma,like most GP's.

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  • One of the side effects of Methotrexate is a rash. It needs to be dealt with immediately so it's good your mother has been called in so quickly. The doc may not know much about scleroderma but he may well know more about Methotrexate. Am I right that you have a rheumatology appt. November? I'm so sorry to hear you & your Mum are having this stressful time. Let us know how you get on.

  • Hi Lizat,thank you for your kind words. Mum was unable to get to the doctors yesterday in the end,she just cannot move her legs,they are huge,hard and very heavy for her. I had a telephone conversation with her GP, he said she is low in iron and proteins but expected that with being on methotrexate, he wants a blood test every week now,that will be a challenge to get mum to the clinic for that in the first place,I may have to enquire as to whether there is a home service for blood tests. Mums rash actually started at the tops of her legs weeks before the methotrexate and her GP was aware of it,he just gave her timodine cream but that doesn't even take any soreness away anymore,nobody has been too interested in the rash,it is not agony but very sore, I am thinking it must just be another symptom of the scleroderma?! Mums first follow up since leaving hospital is November 13th,we will then see the rheumatologist,I have sooooo many questions for him,I hope he is sat comfortably! It seems a life time away for mum to suffer like this but even I appreciate that they need to see what effect the medication is having on her. I have hugely positive moments and then desperate moments waiting for this agonising swelling to go down,always upbeat in front of mum,of course. Thank you again for listening,it helps so so much. Mum is so much poorlier than 3 weeks ago but we were warned that it will bring her down before it picks her up!

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