Can I claim disability with diffuse scleroderma? Need help (As I Am unfit for work and loosing everything)

I am not proud or wanting to ask this it take. Me a while to ask this Q. as i am 19 years old I struggle to just walk up my stairs without getting out of breath, I used to be a professional footballer and this has ended my dream. I have just had a little girl (4 months)who I am praying I can see grow up. I would love to be able to have that day which I do wish will come that I can run down the end of the garden with her and be a great dad. I keep trying to hold jobs down but I get tired so quickly and have so many hosp appointments they just think I am lazy and keep slacking off which no body seems to understand. I brought a house with my girlfriend who I really want to Marry but I seem to be lossing every thing. She does seem to understand what is going on and she does help me out massively but it's causing stress with me feeling like I am a bum and am doin nothing with my life. I am loosing weight and my body is changing quickly I feel ugly and i feel like my daughter and her deserv better my life is falling apart and I carnt do anything about it. Sorry to be going on and on but no one else understands. Can anyone help me with Anserws for what to do.




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  • Hello Travis,

    A big welcome to you....I'm so sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time....I know that it is hard but please try not to worry..... having had personal experiences of the problems that you are now facing.... I fully understand how you feel.....Do you have access to a computer ?.,If you do; you can find information regarding benefits on line.....if you don't have a computer you can make an appointment to speak to your local Citizens Advice Bureau ( CAB ) and they will be able to advise you......If you are on line, look at the Employment Support Allowance ( ESA ) and the Personal Independence Payment ( PIP ),.....PIP replaced Disability Living Allowance ( DLA ) earlier this year......also, look into Tax Credits..qualifying for this benefit will depend on your family income and personal circumstances.....You may also be entitled to help towards your Council taxes and the interest repayment on your mortgage..... To apply for these benefits you will need to telephone your local Jobseekers ( DWP ) office for application takes time, but everything will be back dated if you qualify......Get those forms ASAP,..... you have worked and paid your taxes !!!, You and your family are entitled to help !!!!......I hope this helps..... I wish you and your family the very best of luck.... take care xx

  • Hi Travis,

    I too have Scleroderma plus other things including PBC. Sclero and PBC seem to go together. Who is treating your Sclero? If you are in the UK or USA there are plenty of good hospitals and specialists who can help you. It sounds to me as though you have Lung involvement maybe if you are breathless and you should definitely be getting treatment for that. Have you looked at the Scleroderma Forums? they are very knowledgeable and helpful just like this one is. Look at

    Male Scleroderma is very very rare so you are truly one in a million and you should be taking care of yourself because of that.

    Good luck and keep searching


  • Hi Travis well done for facing your health issues head on. Quite an achievement for a young man. Don't be alarmed about all you read on the net. When I was diagnosed I feared the absolute worst and went in to a bit of panic and depression. I then saw that people live for decades and decades with this condition, if only they had told me that at the onset! Hopefully with well funded research we are not far away from a cure and you are well young enough to benefit from this.

    With regard to help with financial matters the above person is right. You may need help with various forms to claim some benefits.The Citizens Advice Bureau have specialists who are simply amazing at helping one apply for entitlement. Always keep copies of any clinic appointment letters and ensure you have copies of all letters between your g.p. and hospital. Include these in any application for benefits if relevant.

    I imagine you are fit outside of the disease so maintaining fitness as best you can may also help. It does me.

    When you feel ready consider retraining in something you feel is within your capacity. I imagine your skills as a footie player could be adapted to something very rewarding.

    There are a lot of us mumsie types in this community who would love to sweep you up and look after you! There are some very smart and clever people on it too! Don't be worried about asking anything. Good luck kiddo.

    Up the toffees!

  • Hi Travis,

    I know exactly how you feel, Ive had diffused scleroderma for about 9 years and Im now 24 and married with a 2 year old boy. I worked but have been lucky enough to have a husband who can support us financially but initially we were on working tax credit and with you can also claim child benefit. So look into both of those! the best thing to do is keep positive, i struggle with my son especially when he wants to play and run around but he gives me the energy and push to be able to do these things. Im coming on to 10 years with this disease and it doesnt get any easier but try and think about what you have around you! Hope you and your family are doing well.

  • Hi Travis

    I hope you can get some benefits sorted, i'm sure that will help you and it will certainly take some stress off you. You definitely mustn't give up on your family, they need you (whether you believe that or not) and your little girl will love you whether you can run 10 miles or 10 yards. The whole scleroderma thing can leave you depressed so don;t be afraid to ask your GP or consultant for antidepressants - there's no shame in taking them and they could help you feel better about yourself and your prospects. The first consultant I saw told me I'd probably need them for the rest of my life because depression can go hand in hand, I didn't like that but they do help me and I'll now swallow anything that helps! Don't tell anyone, but that sometimes includes alcohol, lol!

    All the best

    BarbJ x

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