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Jaw Ache?

I've been having what I thought was tooth ache but it isn't in any particular tooth. The pain seems to be in my jaw but I can feel it all the way up to my ears. It's very odd. Has anybody else had this sort of thing? I know MCTD and scleroderma can cause problems, so I'm not sure if this is just one more symptom or something I need to see a doctor or even a dentist about. Can anybody help please?

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Hi I had the same about 2 years ago went to my dentist he sent me to dental hospital they did scans of salivary glands said they did not look normal told me he was 99% sure I have sjogrens .seemingly this can go along with systemic sclerosis just another autoimmune disease to add to my list I also have raynauds and primary biliary cirrhosis, anyway regarding jaw pain I feel it there all time but not too bad find I have to massage cheek to get saliva flowing I get a yearly check at dental hospital sojgrens also causes me very dry mouth and swallowing is getting a bit difficult just need to drink plenty regards anne


Thanks Anne, that is really interesting. I shall go and get it checked out. All the best. Ax


Hi Anne, I didn't get things checked out back then and now my mouth is so horribly dry it keeps bleeding. I had forgotten I even asked about this so long ago. Will go and see my GP and my dentist ASAP. Thanks again. Hope you are Ok?


Thanks Ann just helped me out aswell x


Ask about trigeminal neuralgia as well.

More here:

May not be this at all of course and no getting caught up in yet another diagnosis but......