I was dianosed with Morphea on my face last year, since then it has made its way through to the inside of my mouth causing major dental problems.

I am seeing Prof Van Laar at the James Cook Hospital and I have to say he has been fantastic. He has proscribed me Mycophenolate which has made a vast improvement to the Morphea on my face making it much softer.

The biggest problem that I have is the dental treatment, I have been to the dental hospital at Newcastle and although they showed great interest in the affects of the Morphea they have not actually provided me with any treatment. I have therefore had to go private. I am seeing a Maxillo Facial Surgeon called Mr Postlethwaite who has said that the Morphea has destroyed the gums where it is situated and intends to remove 3 teeth and replace them with implants. I am actually looking forward to the procedure as I have suffered with a lot of pain around this area for 14 months now.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

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  • Hi Trevor

    I have not had the same experience ,but a problem with my mouth and teeth,my dentist has to use children's equipment because I have a tiny space inside my mouth, I also use a child's tooth brush and special toothpaste.

    I have just had shoulder surgery ( how lucky am I) which proved a challenge but again I had children's equipment.

    I hope you are successful with your treatment.


  • Hi

    Sorry to hear about your morphea problems but implants could go a long way to improving things. Prof. Van Laar has a good reputation.

    You are lucky in some ways! I have systemic scleroderma & have bone damage as well as gums. I know of others in the same implants for us & we are fiddling about with partial dentures etc waiting for remaining teeth to drop out any time! I saw several experts over the years in the hope that one would tell me implants were just what I needed. So I would be happy to be looking forward to your procedure as well & I hope it's a great success for you. It would be nice to think your mouth could be pain free. Good luck & let us know how you get on.


  • Hi Lizat,

    Yeah Pro Van Laar is very good. I also have bone damage with a 40% loss around the teeth in the afected area but I have not been dianosed with Systemic Scleraderma. I have an appointment in July in regards to the implants, but theres already some confliction between my dentist and the oral surgeon weather the proceedure will be a success or not. I will let you know what happens.

  • Thank you. I would be very interested to hear the outcome. There are other answers apart from implants which could be much more reliable for you, but it sounds as though you have the right people on your case. Good luck.


  • Hi Liz,

    Could you please let me know what the alternatives are to implants, as I have not been offered any alternatives from my dentist etc. He has told me that dentures are not suitable as I have no gum left in the affected area. Thank you.


  • Hi Trevor

    This sounds quite a problem. Am I right that you have another appointment with the Maxillo-Facial surgeon? I have not heard of anything apart from implants, dentures & bridges but I think the latter need solid teeth to attach. I do sympathise with this & hope Max-Facial have some ideas. The chap there must have dealt with similar cases. I have a partial denture. This is more difficult than usual to deal with as I have a very dry mouth. I hadn't realised that moisture was the key to keeping in dentures without Fixident etc!


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