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Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Subendocardial Hypoperfusion Damage!

Don't you just love doctor speal!

Sub: just one side not all the way through

Endocardial: endocardium: inner lining of the heart or inside myocardium (muscle)

Hypo: reduced

Perfusion: quantity of blood supply

So Subendocardial Hypoperfusion means reduced blood supply to the inner lining of my heart.

After a Cardiovascular Stress Perfusion MR Scan last month I've now recieved A brief partial report with some pictures and after some investigations, I have found the meaning of the words and It clearly shows my left atrium endocardium layer thinning under stress. This is a clear indication of spasming as I have no atherosclerosis.

What I'm after now is to know what it means physically. There is some endocardial damage, it may or my not be an infarct ie heart attack? but instead of it being a NSTEMI it would be a NSTEEI? Just blips in leads 3 and 6. It could mean diastolic heart failure but my EF's are within limits albeit on the low side with a couple of them 70%+.

What I've found out is that the endocardium uses 70% of the blood supply and that it carries the electrics In order to make the myocardium work. Damage and less blood flow word therefore cause miss beating and less efficiency?

BUT! This is all my thinking after reading probably too many reports anyone out there in mushroom land know anything.

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