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Know the Causes and Treatment of Wrinkles Under Eyes

Know the Causes and Treatment of Wrinkles Under Eyes

Victor Hugo once wrote that “When grace is joined with wrinkles, it is adorable. There is an unspeakable dawn in happy old age.” It’s true but, it can only happen when you have good reasons to celebrate those wrinkles but most of all, wisdom that comes with old age. You yourself won’t be happy to see wrinkles when those wrinkles remind you every day how poorly you’ve treated your skin in your younger days.

It’s now or never

The real score with wrinkle causes and treatments is that wrinkles can hardly be corrected. There will always be a depth there that was never quite there before so that prevention is still the best way to keep wrinkles off of your skin and most especially skin around your eyes. To do that, you have to keep in mind these primary causes of wrinkles under eyes:

1. Sun exposure. The biggest enemy of your skin, UV rays are responsible for many superficial and deep tissue damages to your skin. The best way to protect your skin is to limit sun time. When you can’t help but stay a while longer than the recommended 15 minutes of morning sunshine daily, make sure to have sunscreen protection within reach

2. Senescence. It simply means cell and body aging. It slows down all of the physiological, biochemical and mental processes inside your body, down to the cellular level. Senescence cannot be prevented but, there are a number of ways that you can support your body to enter and go through this phase at a much slower pace. Here are some suggestions:

•Eat right. Fuel your body only with calories that matter to your body and mind. Eating junk translates to gobbling up on trash — and not all of it leaves your body. That’s what eventually causes you to become ill and for senescence to happen faster.

•Exercise. Regular workouts and staying active helps you to retain your muscles and maintain your brisk movements. Exercise is the best example that some stress is good for you. You need to put on the tension on every part of your body so that they all stay in tiptop shape.

•Practice healthier sleeping habits. Hit the bed by 9 or 10 pm and start your day early. You know, getting up early when there aren't any distractions yet is one of the most common practices of highly successful people. You allow your mind and body to rest, you will enjoy focus and glowing skin throughout your senior years.

3. Poor skin care habits. There are two major rules when it comes to skincare. The first rule is to never start your day and end it with less than clean and clear skin. The second rule is to never leave it to dry out. Make sure that you are following a routine that is fit for your type of skin and brand of skin issues.

In a world of manufactured goods, however, there is a major addition that you need to add to your beauty principles too. This third rule says to never use harsh products on your skin. These types of products are already causing more and more people to suffer from chronically irritated skin, hormonal imbalances, cancer and improper functioning of critical organs in the body.

4. Repeated facial expressions. You know what’s been said about how it takes for more muscles to look sad, angry or worried. Imagine how you’d look like if these lines of facial expression are what become permanently etched on your skin! Then, you will always look sad, angry or worried. So, if it cannot be helped but to let those fine lines and wrinkles show, allow those smile and laugh lines to show instead. Take life more lightly and be happy.

5. Stress. Stress does things to your body that you can’t even begin to imagine. It makes wrinkles under eyes appear. However, when stress forces to stretch your potentials, like learning to hold your breath under water and problem-solving exercises for your brain, stress becomes beneficial. For your skin, the most beneficial kind of stress is exfoliation. Force eliminate dead skin cells from the surface to trigger your skin cells to go overdrive in producing higher amounts of collagen faster, as well as to turn over skin much more rapidly.


When you see a new wrinkle, think to yourself, “Is this a product of wisdom or a product of years of skin neglect?”