Skin cancers and vitamin D3

It was recommended that I post my personal experience on the skin cancer HU site. I constantly suffer with basal cell, squamous, and have had a melanoma cancer removed. (Not related as typical skin cancer, but I had a leiomyosarcoma tumor removed from the top of my nose.) Within the last 3 years I increased my intake of vitamin D3 considerably. I was disgusted with the care I received from my dermatologist year before last so did not go for a skin check at all last year. Anyway, I just last week broke down and had that exam done and I was so very pleasantly surprised that the usual findings of numerous cell cancer spots had dwindled to only two A K spots which he burned from my back. Coincidence with my increase of vitamin D3? Anyway, I asked for a prescription for Picato cream. He would not give that to me but said he would write one for Aldara cream. I felt like I wanted to take care of anymore A K spots on my own early. Has anyone had experience with either of these creams? I have used effudex and found that it does not work for me anymore and was hoping for one that might.

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  • Hi was interested to read the above as I have similar problems, I have recently started taking a Turmeric supplement so will see how that goes but will look into D3 as well. Interesting that D3 is supplied by natural sunlight!