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Glaucoma and other problems

Hi there, I'm new to this particular forum, and here's a life history, born with glaucoma, ( I'm 4th generation) picked up when I was a teenager (I'm now 53), mum partially sighted and has had cornea grafts, my glaucoma well controlled with drops for many years, then we get to last December.......cataract op in left eye swiftly followed by Iritis which took a long time to then going along nicely until.....5 weeks ago Tuesday glaucoma check and to go on list for right cataract, but pressure high, left for a month, went back last Tuesday and I broke my heart.....couldn't read top letter on chart with left eye!!!! Diagnosed with cornea oedema, had to go back Thursday, slightly better, could read the top couple of lines, but pressure still high, going back again this Friday, anyone else had similiar problems? Many thanks and sorry if I rambled on too long x

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Don't apologise, it's devastating when something like this happens. Sharing your experiences can sometimes help with coming to terms with what's happened, although that takes a long time. I lost sight in one eye after an infection (not the same cause as yours) and have a cataract in the other eye which is slowly deteriorating. So there are some similarities in our situations although sight is a very individual thing and everyone's experience is unique. How have you been getting on since you posted? I think this site has not been very active for a while but things seem to be happening again now.


Hi Jaxta, thank you for your reply, I do appreciate it, the steroid drops I used for the cornea problems aggravated my glaucoma and sent the pressure up, blitzed with lots of drops, for about ,6 days I was putting 9 into right eye and ,12 into left, and there was talk of surgery if that didn't work, thankfully it did and after weekly appointments for 6 weeks, the number of drops has been reduced, pressure back to normal limits and in my last appt early July they've left me for 2 months, sorry to read that you've lost the sight in one eye, I wish you well x


That's great to hear, glad you got it sorted! When I had my eye issue it was drops every 2 hours at one stage, I had an alarm on my phone to remind me! My blind eye is no big deal - you get used to it. It's good to see something happening on this site at last, I joined another on health unlocked a few years ago when I had a health issue and it really helped me. Good luck! X