Restless Legs Syndrome
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Fear & Stress!

Had to care for a person who'd suffered a severe stroke today. Was my first foray into this type of assisting. Last night was horrific for me as the RLS was so bad it was like a physical and psychological entity taking over my mind and body: clearly I was fearful of what I was expected to do and my mind just ran with that - and so did my legs! All night! Horrific!

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Hi Zenlag, I really do not know how you managed, i know what its like to have it that bad but I don't have to care for some one. How on earth you got through it I don't know, I feel for you.


Thanks for your response Steve. Thing is...when all's said and done, you simply do what you've gotta do! It's such a help to find people like you who really understand. Thank you.


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