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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Relief from Restless Leg Syndrome

Hi, I suffer from chronic RLS both in the legs and arms. Tried all kinds of medication without any success whatsoever. I had no sleep, and the restlessness and uncomfortable feelings in all my limbs was a nightmare. However, I bought myself a Power Plate exercise machine and have been using it at home now for 3 days. I have noticed dramatic results with the RLS. I have not had it for the past 2 days now. I bought this machine for exercising, but noticed from the first night, my limbs were a whole lot better. With the RLS the sensation is awful, you just don't know what to do with yourself., this machine shakes up the whole body, and reaches parts others cannot. Give it a try, its worked for me so far., it may help you. I just want to let as many people as possible know so they also can try it. Thanks

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You are right about not knowing what to do with yourself when the RLS

controls every aspect about you and it's all that you can think of.

I can imagine myself being on that plate and letting the machine shake..

I have exhausted all other means than to take a pill to knock me out for

a few hours. (who wants to feel like that?) I have never heard of plates

so I have to look at it.

I just want to quit with the medicines so much and be free of this ever

growing monster RLS... Without my pills, I am out of my mind and feel

like the only thing that will make me still is getting a spinal as in the

epidural...I get that out of control that I cry, fight with family members

and hurt people's feelings if they get on my nerves which doesn't

take much. I feel like I act like a 10 yr old... so I shut myself to my room

to do knee bends, squats, shaking my legs to try to settle them down.

I fall asleep bent over the bed so I'm standing on my feet rising toes

to heel until I fall asleep and sometimes fall off the bed. =DD


Hi, I can understand exactly how you are feeling. But do try the power plate. It is a vibration toner that you stand on and it does the work. The original one is more powerful and that is what I have. its called Power Plate., thats the trademark. Some gyms have them, and I know you can get cheaper ones on ebay or something like that., but they are a different make. Think you need the powerful one and it seems to get to the part you cannot reach, if you know what I mean.

Hope it works for you, you can only but try. Let me know if it works for you too. Best of luck and best wishes. Beverley


Even if you only get partial relief, some things are worth trying. Infra-red heat over my upper bodyworks to some extent in that it delays the daily onset considerably. With referance to vibratory plates, it's my experience that the horrible tingling over my chest and upper arms can also be alleviated by sitting a set of hair clippers on my chest for about ten minutes. It all gets pretty sad doesn't it. LOL.


Its surprising what we will try to get relief... if it works then use it, take it, or whatever else anyone does, as long as its not harming you then go for it. :)


Although I only have mild RLS in the lower legs I decided to splash out on a 'Circulation Booster' purchased from High Tech Health, not cheap, and have been using it for 30 minutes every night before going to bed for over 3 weeks. All of the pain in my calf muscles has gone and I do sleep much better and would say that I feel 50% more rested upon waking so out of all the things that I have tried only this works for me. How much this will help you poor people who have severe RLS I do not know but it is certainly something to try so GOOD LUCK.


Hi, beardedwitch, Glad you are getting some relief from the Circulation Booster. I got one from ebay a while ago, and it did nothing for my RLS unfortunately.

Hope you get continued relief from using yours.


Hi everyone, I have tried the Power Plate and the Circulation Booster and they did nothing for my RLS in fact the circulation booster sent my legs into a frenzy but thats my experience, as we all know what works for one does nothing for someone else so good for you if it works.


same here. nothing. anything that vibrates my body, vibrates my RLS. Cannot stand any of those machines, and infrared did not help either. No big studies have been done yet. one can hope.....


I also have found that the vibration plate works wonders.


Had a google and seem to be thousands of £s. So out for me I am afraid


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