Restless Legs Syndrome
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How would I know if I switch in my sleep?

I know I have RLS whilst awake as if I don't move my legs/arms when the feeling comes they jump on their own like they're having a fit. How would I know if I do it in my sleep? I do wake in the night but for no apparent reason. I thought about setting up a camera but I don't have one so do any of you have know of a way to figure this out? lol

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If you your arms and legs are jumping while you are asleep that is called PLMD, Periodic Limb Movement. The only way i know that you know if you have that, is, you have a partner who you are kicking in your sleep at night, or the other way is to ask your doctor for a sleep study, that will for sure tell you if thats what you are doing...


A sleep study is a good idea. And, check you blankets in the morning.. Does you bed look more "mussed" than normal? Mine always did. My niece's boyfriend has bruises all over him from he kicking. :)


I have had rls for nearly as long as I can remember I am now 60 but I usually sense when my legs are moving or I am dreamimg about running.


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