Restless Legs Syndrome
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lower erythropoietin levels in RLS patients

I was reading under kidney disease for a distant family member

who has it and found a link that tells that in that disease, the

kidneys don't produce the Hormone "Erythropoietin" which

causes RLS in those patients...

I started to wonder what the heck Erythropoietin was and found

out that it is all about the "red blood cells" from the marrow...

I'm looking up more but my medical terminology isn't that of

a doctor, scientist or whoever reads and interprets these I am going to call on my panel here to ask

if anyone knows of such a connection or has looked it up and

found a better understanding than I did.

Karen USA

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Renal, or kidney disease is a trigger for kidney patinets, especially dialysis. A large number of kidney patienets have RLS. but, I have not dealt with too many dialysis patients, so I just know hwta I have read about it. If you found any studies, I'd like to see them.


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