A spoonful of peanut butter, anyone?

I was reading through some messages on the American RLS forum and there was a posting from someone who uses a spoonful of peanut butter and it works for her. She has had severe RLS for 5 years and takes 1.0 Mirapex which sometimes makes the RLS come on. One time when suffering with the creepy crawling sensations in legs, arms, and lower back, she ate some crackers and peanut butter and noticed 15 minutes later the twitching and creep crawling was gone. She is always going to have peanut butter in the cupboard from now on.

The medical reply was that it was an interesting comment and a few other RLS sufferers have noted that they either get better with certain foods or worse with others and was interested to know if the peanut butter solution kept working for her in the future.

Anyone find some foods help and others do not?

Kaarina :)

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  • Something to think about.

    I'll pay better attention to what I eat.

  • Peanuts are supposed to help with migraines so perhaps this is not such a weird connection after all. It's no doubt a connection with certain Neuro receptors that does the trick!

  • Hi Kaarina, I know what site you mean, i look on there quite alot. Its a useful place to get info.

    I dont know about the peanut butter thing. But some people find certain foods can trigger off their RLS.

    If you look at a list on that site the doctor has put on from what people say has helped or "cured" their RLS. its suprising what people have tried or not tried. But it makes for interesting reading...

    No harm in trying the peanut butter, at least it wont harm you..and its tasty..lol... :)


  • hi kaarina, could you say what site that is please i would love to have a look..

  • Ooops, sorry, only just seen your question, Jetty.

    This is the link:


    Kaarina :)

  • Well, i have bought some peanut butter, so will try it tonight before bed, with my meds of course.....mmmm, wonder if it will help.....?????

    But it was cheap to buy and if it doesnt work, it will be lots of peanut butter sarnies, to use it up.... :)


  • Hi Irene

    I hope it works for you. I love toast with peanut butter on and also peanut butter and mashed banana! Toast with peanut butter and banana is good too ;) As you say it is cheap with a long sell by date. You can also make peanut butter cookies :-D

    Ingredients (makes 15-20)

    125g butter

    50g peanut butter (preferably the smooth variety)

    100g caster sugar

    100g soft brown sugar

    1 beaten egg

    150g plain flour

    Pinch of salt


    1. Heat the oven to 190°C. Mix the butter, sugar and beaten egg together in a mixing bowl.

    2. Hold a sieve over the mixing bowl and add the flour and salt. Bind the mixture together until it forms a firm dough.

    3. Form the dough into 15 or 20 balls. Place them on a buttered baking tray and flatten each one with a fork, making a criss-cross pattern with the back of the fork on the top of each cookie.

    4. Place in the heated oven for 10-12 minutes until golden brown.

    5. Cool on a wire tray before serving or keeping in an air tight container for up to a week.

    Kaarina :)

  • Well, i tried the peanut butter last night, had approx. a dessert spoon full. I have to report that i cant say it helped.

    I think these type of things are that people are just lucky when they find something that seems to have helped with their RLS.

    On the rlshelp.org website, you will see a whole long list of what people have tried and not tried. I cant say i fancy going through that list trying everything tried by people. Some stuff would cost a fortune to try. But i guess as with anything, its up to the individual whether they want to...

    Any way, Kaarina. thanks for the receipe, looks as if i might be using that to use the peanut butter up... LOL.. :)

    Irene... :)

  • I am sorry to hear that, Irene, but the cookies sound as though they will taste nice.

    I hope you enjoy your weekend.

    Kaarina :)

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