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Any experience of RLS aggravation from steroid injections?

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My RLS seems to worsen about this time of year and I noticed it coincides with my annual injections for arthritis. I believe they contain cortesiosteroids which I couldn’t find on the known, common RLS aggravators.

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You may be right, but I 'm not sure why this should happen.

RLS is made worse by inflammation and anything which reduces it should relieve RLS.

Steroids are not known to be an aggravator.

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John_naylor in reply to Elffindoe

Thanks, I have an appointment Mon a.m. for an injection and wanted to avoid making my RLS worse!

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Elffindoe in reply to John_naylor

You should be OK.

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Guitarpickin in reply to John_naylor

Hope your injections on Monday went okay and that your RLS doesn’t flare up.

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I recently had a steroid shot in my shoulder and it had no impact whatsoever on RLS.

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Have annual steroid injection in shoulder and no effect on RLS.

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If I remember correctly, I was given prednisone for a rash. I had to stop taking it.

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John_naylor in reply to WideBody

Can’t see prednisone on the ‘to avoid’ list but some names vary from one country to another and the attached is from the American site. alert card.
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Thanks everyone for your replies.

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Arthritis is an inflammatory disease and RLS is most often caused by inflammation of the nerves so I would suggest that you investigate 'anti inflammatory diets'. The reason it increases at this time of year is that people tend to eat a more inflammatory diet of comfort food over winter.

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As an Ulcerative Colitis sufferer I have to take the steroid Prednisolone on quite high doses to control Colitis on roughly a 3 month basis for about 6 weeks on each occasion. I find this is the only time I get any relief from RLS. I have been troubled with both conditions for around 20 years. There is no doubt that prednisolone is providing relief from RLS for me.

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I have traumeel injections instead of cortisone , I found it works a lot better for me as it sends the nerves to sleep ands it homeopathic .

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FluteE in reply to Shumbah

I’ve never heard of this type of injection. Where can I find more information on this?

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Shumbah in reply to FluteE

Depending on where you live it has been used in europe for 60 years and USA about 40 years.widly used by vets world wide.

I would google Traumeel injections L .A .clinics have good info on their websites

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