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A restricted diet is working for me

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I started on the Cambridge diet 3 weeks ago having 3 replacement meals per day and I’ve had NO episodes of RLS.

I’ve suffered badly since a child and this is like a miracle. My consultant has another client with RLS and she is the same. I’ve also lost a stone in weight!!

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I don't know what the Cambridge diet involves, but we do know that many foods are major triggers for rls.

If it involves avoiding processed foodstuffs, then I would expect a major improvement in rls.

Thanks for posting and confirming a useful trend.

Oh that's great Bugsycat! I will have to Google that diet, we have just realised 2 years in that our daughters symptoms are likely rls and just setting out on figuring out if anything dietary could be playing a part. It's all very overwhelming when there are so many factors that could be contributing 🤯

Ah it looks like prob not an option for children? The meal replacement part hadn't registered! Do you know which food they aim to eliminate as that could be very interesting?

That's really interesting, if I've got the right website, I've just looked at the ingredients in the meal replacements and there's all sorts that are said to be possible triggers for rls... I wonder what it is that is helping, glad it is though!

Great news bugsy.

I wonder if this is because you are now getting your daily allowance of vitamins and minerals.

“The principle of the diet is that with the right amount of protein, carbohydrate, fat, very few calories and the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals, your body gets all the nutrients it needs and uses its fat stores for energy, therefore burning fat. And because the diet is high protein, you don’t lose muscle mass or have cravings, like on other diets.

Most of us don’t eat enough potassium or magnesium which are essential for nerve and muscle health, so if you are getting them and others too you are eliminating that possibility.

Long may it continue

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Bugsycat in reply to Oldcolner

Thank you. I totally agree with you and from wanting to cut my legs off this is my idea of heaven

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Oldcolner in reply to Bugsycat

You’re welcome long may it continue.

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Alex2308 in reply to Oldcolner

Totally agree. Many people have gastro-issues genetically (like me who have a gastritis since 12yo). Which cause a poor absorption of essential vitamins and minerals. And here we go - neurological issues like RLS! I personally take the fullest complex (actually changing 3 different brands consequentially just to be sure) of vitamins and minerals. AND supplementing with Iron, Magnesium and Potassium. AND injecting my buttocks with B12. Once I stop doing ANY of that - RLS again.

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Oldcolner in reply to Alex2308

Glad it works for you Alex. Good to get your daily requirements sorted

Congratulations. I've found that restricting carbohydrates does it for me. I don't eat any prepared replacement food, just avoid all sources of added sugar like processed food, and fruit juices. I even restrict whole fruit to one apple a day. I supplement my vitamin b12 daily and iodine with a kelp tablet once a week to help nerve health. I feel my general health improved after about 6 to 9 months of following this protocol.

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YodaDog in reply to Eryl

Do you mean Vit B12 and not B2, I thought B12 was the important one for RLS sufferers?

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Eryl in reply to YodaDog

Sorry, typo! - will edit now. (trying to reply before an ebay auction ended)

Interesting history of the Cambridge Diet... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_C...

So it looks to be a colorie restirciton diet along with keto. I find it interesting.

I have been fasting for a little over a year now, and Have found that to be helpful (though not a cure.) it is essential calorie resticion leading to ketosis as well.

I started this fasting journey after watching this documentary. They also talk about the benefits of a low calorie/restriction diet. Worth a listen if anyone is interested.


I agree that food plays a major part in rls. I have had rls since being a kid too. I know oranges,tomatoes,mayonnaise anything containing vinegar all make rls intense

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