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Peripheral neuropathy


I have severe pains in my feet and RLS symptoms from this and when I put my feet up it is unbearable. I try creams and take Gabapentin but it is unbearable at night.

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Sounds horrendous, so sorry for you.

It sounds like you're saying you have neuropathy which is causing RLS symptoms. The RLS symptoms are secondary to the neuropathy.

So your main problem is the neuropathy.

In which case, do you know what's causing the neuropathy?

Certainly Gabapentin is prescribed for neuropathic pain, how much do you take, and when? It may be that you're not taking enough and/or not often enough. Also, depending on what's causing the neuropathy, there may be other things you can do.

Damnitall, is this by any chance diabetic neuropathy? Have you been tested for diabetes?

I also suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy as well as RLS. I was on 2700mg of Gabapentin and the 900 I took in the morning worked well moving pain down a few notches within 30mins or so. I have recently switched to Pregabalin and take 450mg with 150 in the morning. I think Pregabalin is better but this is a rather subjective view. I am never without pain but think it is worth considering. I hope you do get something to help!

There is a solution to neuropathy which is an indicator of an unhealthy circulation system. Here is a case example:

Diabetic neuropathy is one possibility. Diabetic neuropathy causes poor circulation, especially to nerves. The solution is to strictly control blood glucose levels as Bajatom suggests

There are however, other possibilities, which I hope your doctor discussed with you before prescribing Gabapentin.

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