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inert ingredients in meds


There's a lady who asked about the possibility of wheat products being in a drug her son was taking over on the gluten free forum. I got to wondering about whether drug companies are required to release lists of ALL ingredients. I found this- Looks like, yes, they are, but you have to hunt to find them. I tried online with little success, maybe you have to know where to look, but they are apparently supposed to be listed in the drug insert leaflets. And I'm betting a pharmacist/chemist would be able to find out. With people here sensitive to things that trigger RLS, I thought this might be helpful.

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If you take a look at the patient information leaflet it is normally included on that is it not? Well with the NHS anyhoo.

the one that causes many issues particulary to People prone to gout is Magnesium sterate used as a filler

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