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Thank you to all members who give us so much information about RLS.

My circumstances were great on Pramepexole, like it was on ropinarole but yet again I am in this horrible situation of augmentation. I felt the need to write after speaking to my GP. Surgery today.

I was put through to a chemist who works within the practice and wow, she was amazing. She knew about rls and the problems and after gathering all my information she said to try Gabapentin alongside the same dose of Pramepexole.

I felt so relieved after wanting to chop my leg off last night that she heard what I was saying. I thanked her for giving me good information and maybe I should have known,she has RLS, at night only.

I'm keeping my fingers, toes and every other digit crossed.

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If you are in augmentation, I don't think gabapentin will help sadly. I haven't heard of augmentation being helped by anything except getting off the dopamine agonists.

I found that gabapentin only helped once through withdrawal.

However,it is nice to meet someone who not only knows a little about RLS but also has it.

I will also keep everything crossed that the augmentation stops for you.

Surgery? Do you mean you are visiting the doctor's surgery or having surgery?

If the latter, for you or anyone reading, you must alert your surgeon and his team about RLS. Go to and search for the warnings. There are meds which could make things go pear-shaped, I think.

Plus, during any hospitalisation, the staff needs to know your difficulties, and fully understand them. They may try to keep you in bed like a good patient.

I see that it is two years since you added gabapentin to pramipaxole for augmentation. Do you mind me asking if it worked for you? I am weaning myself off Pramipexole now because of Augmentation.

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